What’s new at Veleco? New mobility scooters on offer: autumn summary

It’s time for autumn orders in our offer! A lot is going on recently at Veleco. So to make sure that nothing is missing, we’ve prepared a quick autumn summary of the newest products. What new mobility scooters are on Veleco’s offer now? Are you curious about the newest mobility solutions? Check out our news and go for an autumn ride, before all these colourful leaves will disappear from the trees.

A new release of the popular Veleco’s model – DRACO with canopy and captain seat

Let’s start with the real bomb, that a lot of our customers have been waiting for. Trike mobility scooter DRACO known for its reliable batteries and special when it comes to an unique acceleration system – an intuitive acceleration button instead of a classic throttle, has now been shown in the new release, perfectly prepared for autumn! Not so long ago on Veleco’s offer and our official distributor’s ranges you can find Veleco DRACO with a new functionality – a roof and a windshield. Thereby DRACO joins TURRIS with which it creates a special duet of functional trikes with canopies. But that’s not all!

New mobility scooters with captain seat and canopy

A few months ago we launched the captain seats – an alternative to traditional mobility scooter seats. A high-back seat, better known as the captain seat, matches the models: FASTER, TURRIS, GRAVIS and DRACO. Each of these models can be additionally equipped with a roof and windshield. Thanks to that your scooter will be ready for long rides regardless of weather. This is the guarantee of riding comfort, despite non-comfy atmospheric conditions and regardless of how far are you going to ride.

The captain seat – what does it mean?

The captain seat looks like an adjustable driver’s seat in a car. It has a high back with an adjustable angle of inclination, pull-out headrests, liftable armrests and a seat that you can easily move forward or backward. Thanks to these options, the captain seat is very comfortable. It all makes it the perfect companion for long rides through the city or parks.

The newest trio LOOPER, SHARPY, and JUMPY – mobility scooters with swivel captain seats

JUMPY, LOOPER and SHARPY are the newest trio of four-wheeled mobility scooters. They definitely stand among our other mobility scooters. We bet that when you first saw them you thought: it’s a riding comfort! And there is absolutely nothing to denying it. Swivelling captain seat, handy steering wheel and adjustable steering column – these are the distinctive features of SHARPY, LOOPER and JUMPY that confirm this. More details about the newest Veleco trio can be found at our distributors or in our latest article: Four-wheeled mobility scooters with swivel captain seat – new trio on offer.

Solid tyres – forget about the punctures and visits to a vulcaniser

The solid tyres are another autumn news in our offer. In response to our customers’ growing needs and expectations, we decided to launch the mobility scooters’ solid tyres. These innovative tyres guarantee not only greater riding comfort but also eliminate the risk of punctures, which is priceless when it comes to everyday usage. With a scooter with solid tyres, you can forget about puncture problems or the need for regular inflation. Equip a disability scooter with Veleco solid tyres and gain peace of mind while every ride, despite the surfaces. It is the investment in riding comfort for years to come.

Why is it worth choosing solid tyres for your mobility scooter?

If you are considering equipping a mobility scooter with solid tyres, here are the main benefits and advantages of this product:

  • No risk of punctures while riding.
  • More stable and fluence ride despite the surface.
  • Greater wear resistance than traditional pneumatic tyres.
  • Solid tyres are maintenance-free. They do not require pumping or regular pressure checks.
  • Longer tyre lifespan means fewer replacements, which generates long-term savings. For example, sometimes one visit to the vulcaniser costs as much as a full set of solid tyres.

New mobility scooters and the latest trends in the mobility industry

Especially for you, Veleco keeps up to date with the latest trends in the mobility industry, offering a wide range of innovative products. From new mobility scooters to well-known vehicles’ upgrades, to comfortable captain seats and practical solid tyres – all to ensure that our users enjoy independence, comfort and safety in all weather and surfaces conditions. If you are thinking of upgrading your scooter or buying a new one, we’ve got something on offer that is sure to interest you. Travel the world with us, taking advantage of the latest technological solutions that will make your journey even more enjoyable and safer. Discover the new mobility scooters in the Veleco range and enjoy the ride at the highest level!

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