Four-wheeled mobility scooters with swivel captain seats – new trio on offer

Until now, you could find mobility scooters in our range that resembled real motorcycles. But now we’ve decided to take it a step further. We have launched a unique trio of four-wheeled mobility scooters. Meet SHARPY, LOOPER and JUMPY – mobility scooters with swivel captain seats and speed knobs instead of classic handlebars with accelerator throttles.

Discover the new four-wheeled mobility scooters with swivel seats

Quite recently, Veleco and our official distributors have introduced captain seats – comfortable, adjustable seats with high backrests. It was just a glimpse of what we launched just a few weeks ago. The latest models of Veleco mobility scooters, apart from the high backrest and the ability to adjust the seat distance, have something absolutely unique about them. They can be rotated up to 90 degrees, making it much easier to get on and off the vehicle. It seems like it’s never been easier to get into a comfortable riding position!

Speed knob vs. classic accelerator throttle – which is better?

Is there a clear answer to this question? Definitely not. After all, which handlebars you prefer on a scooter and which way of accelerating will be most suitable for you depends on your needs and preferences. That’s why you’ll find mobility scooters with different acceleration options in our range.

Medical vehicles with accelerator throttle

Mobility scooters with a classic accelerator throttle, i.e. Veleco FASTER, allows you to give your vehicle speed with a gentle turn of the wrist. This is the most popular acceleration option. Most of our customers prefer this way of acceleration because it is intuitive and easy. But we know that not everyone can ride mobility scooters with such acceleration feature. That’s why we’ve got something else in our offer.

Medical vehicles with an accelerator button instead of a classic throttle

This solution, which can be found in DRACO model, is perfect for those who, for various reasons, cannot rotate their wrist. If you thought that this was an obstacle to moving around on a mobility scooter on your own, we hope that we have just cleared up your doubts. There is nothing else like a gentle push of a button needed to accelerate. And believe us – your thumb will be enough to do so. You can decide on what side of your scooter’s handlebar you need the acceleration button to be.

New in our range – mobility scooters with accelerator knob

Medical scooters with an accelerator knob are a novelty in our offer. A specially designed knob will allow you to intuitively adjust the driving speed to your skills, needs and road conditions. With this solution, you can drive at a constant speed without having to control it.

Overview of the latest Veleco mobility scooters with swivel captain seats – meet our unique trio

SHARPY – a comfortable mobility scooter with a swivel captain seat

SHARPY is designed for driving in both pedestrian zones and city roads. It stands out for its ample space for comfortable travel and, of course, the captain seat with a security belt, adjustable armrests and a practical swivel function. As we have already mentioned, this is an extraordinary facilitation when getting on and off the scooter. A pocket on the backrest is also a good solution, which will be perfect for carrying handy things. In addition to the variable speed knob, SHARPY has two identical sticks on the handlebars for starting and braking, which makes it easy to control with just one hand.

Veleco JUMPY – mobility scooter with speed knob and swivel captain seat

JUMPY is another one of the most comfortable mobility scooters available on the market. It is a combination of comfort, functionality and the latest technology. In this model, we are also dealing with a real seat worthy of the captain’s seat of this machine. A comfortable, swivelling, high-back seat is a guarantee of comfort while riding, which you will certainly appreciate during longer rides. JUMPY is equipped with an intuitive acceleration knob, a comfortable steering wheel with a steering handle and the ability to adjust the angle of inclination, and a front basket for shopping or handy things, such as a handbag or additional outerwear.

LOOPER – a mobility scooter with modern equipment for easy handling and riding pleasure

LOOPER, like the other models in the latest Veleco trio, has a comfortable high-back seat with two levels of rotation – up to 45 and up to 90 degrees. In addition, just like the JUMPY, it has a basket for small items at the front and a tie rod with a comfortable steering handle and a handlebar angle adjustment function. On the back, you will find an additional storage pocket on the backrest. Veleco LOOPER also has a secure phone holder, as well as a built-in USB, card slot and a Bluetooth module.

Mobility scooters with swivel captain seats – the newest trio from Veleco

As you can see our latest mobility scooters’ trio is a riding comfort. Swivel captain seats, easy to handle steering column and the newest technology are all you need for travel with comfort, joy and peace of mind. Are you ready to discover the convenience we’ve just introduced you? We hope you do!

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