The story about Veleco brand begins in 2017, when the company was first founded in Poland. Through its existence, the company has have been called many things: reliable, trustworthy, and experienced. All of this didn’t happen over the course of one night though but was built little by little.

As all brands, Veleco started out as a small business, designing and manufacturing luxury electric scooters that we ourselves would enjoy using. The passion and love we put into the whole process resulted in ever-growing popularity and trust among our customer base.

Soon, the company has outgrown its constraints and looked to market outside its country. This has resulted in the creation of the Authorized Reseller Network in late 2017. By keeping up the high standard of our products and reaching out to customers from across the world, the company has entered its most prominent period of growth.

Nowadays, Veleco stands tall among top manufacturers of luxurious electric scooters, distributing high quality products across all of Europe. This includes mobility scooters, mopeds and electric bikes.

Made by people for people

Our dedicated and experienced team made all of this possible. With a full cadre of engineers, mechanics, testers and customer support, we have made it through all difficulties. Through it, we have never lost sight of our goal, which was to make people feel free and live independently.

Visionary, the one who made things happen

Young and passionate and an example to the whole team, the founder Jakub Marek made it all possible. At a young age, but with great passion, he started on a path to make a small dream become a big reality.

As all natural leaders, he gathered specialists of various fields, who followed behind his vision, supporting the grand idea of a brighter world. And what future does the CEO of Veleco see? One filled with environment friendly vehicles, that allow people of all ages and ability for safe travel between places. After all, freedom is the highest value, a priceless thing we all deserve.

Thanks to Veleco, people are free!

What we make at Veleco is more than just producing electric scooters for B2B businesses. Each day, with each product, we are manufacturing someone’s personal freedom. When designing each new electric scooter, we focus on all the important details and user feedback. The perfect fusion of unique scooter design and functionality is achieved by detailed working process happening in our workshops.

What does the world think about Veleco?

We believe in quality of the product first and foremost. By following this creed and extensively testing each manufactured vehicle, we have achieved the apex of recognition.

Our badges of honour


award-quality-international-2020In 2020, our model DRACO has won the third place award “Quality international 2020”. This was a great achievement for the whole company, one that we are proud to talk about. award-quality-international-2021Following the achievement of model DRACO, in 2021 another one of our electric scooters claimed an award. Model FASTER has won second place award of “Quality international 2021”.