Product usage

Where can I find VIN number?

The Vehicle Identification Number can be found most commonly: Under small cover on the inner part of the steering wheel near the bottom. On a small plate under the scooter near the right wheel. On the Certificate of Conformity delivered with the vehicle.

Are mobility scooters allowed on the road?

If the vehicle is a Class-3 mobility scooter, it meets all requirements to be allowed. Class-2 mobility scooters are restricted to pavement.

Can mobility scooters go on buses or trains?

If the country law allows it and proper accessibility is provided, yes.

Can a mobility scooter be taken on a plane?

Common mobility scooters with an AGM battery that is less than 160Wh are allowed. Removable Lithium-ion batteries might need to be taken out to avoid short-circuiting. Major airlines usually state in their Terms and Conditions if you may travel with a mobility scooter. As rules differ, it is important to double-check.

Will rain damage the electric scooters?

No, although heavy downpour of rain / snow should be avoided if possible. Scooters that were used in bad weather should be wiped with a piece of dry cloth and dried before another attempt at riding.

Can I remove the battery from my scooter?

Only if it was purchased with a Lithium-Ion. Lead-Acid batteries shouldn’t be removed by anyone other than certified technicians.

How long should I charge electric scooter?

The charging from a near depleted state should take between 8-10 hours. If the battery from this state shows full charge in less than 6 hours, it might point to the battery deterioration. 

Can I buy / use a more powerful charger?

The battery is designed to take a specific amount of voltage and using anything more powerful to charge faster can be hazardous and damage the battery and the scooter itself.

What is the maximum speed for mobility scooter?

Top speed allowed for most mobility scooters is 12 km/h, which equals 8 mph. As such, the speed of the mobility scooter must comply with country regulations, otherwise it can no longer be considered a mobility aid.

Where to store a mobility scooter?

The scooter should be stored in a dry place with good ventilation, like a garage or shed. Storing a scooter outside and in a humid environment can damage electronic components.

Do I need a driving licence to use a mobility scooter?

Mobility scooters are considered a mobility aid and as such do not require a driving licence. It is advised to double-check this information with the local communications department.

Who is eligible for a mobility scooter?

Any person who is able to properly operate a mobility scooter can do so. There is no designated upper age limit to use a mobility scooter. The lower age limit is usually stated to be minimum 14 years old.

Ordering information

Can you help me place an order?

It would be our pleasure! Contact us by phone (00 48) 34 350 80 44. You can also write us an email at

Do I have to assemble the purchased product myself?

No, the product will be delivered fully assembled, charged and ready to drive.

Can I order a manual for your product?

Our manuals are included with each product only. For safety reasons, we do not provide manuals to customers who don’t already own our scooter or didn’t purchase one directly from us. If you have bought a scooter second-hand or have a similar looking model that has no Veleco sticker, we won’t send you a manual as our scooters are custom-made. A wrong manual could be dangerous.

Can you send me a brochure?

Of course, e-mail us to with your shipping details, and we will gladly send one to you.

Do you sell spare parts?

You can find spare parts at our shop, either retail or wholesale.

Can you modify my scooter order by adding features?

Depending on the extent of modifications as our vehicles come with specified medical certificates. While modifications made by us won’t void our warranty, they might void medical certificates.

Do your mobility scooters fold up?

For now, only model ZT16 can be folded to some extent

When will you have X product in stock?

If we have not provided the date on the product page, this means we might not have an estimate yet. However, we encourage you to try and contact us for more information.

Shipping, Delivery & Tracking

How do I track my order?

We use an external tracking system that is provided to customers via email. If you have not received it, contact us as it might point to wrongly added email during order.

Why have I not received any update about my purchase?

Any change in status of the order is sent via email to our customers. Check your spam folder. If there were no updates, contact us as the issue might be with the incorrect email provided during order placement.

How can I contact the driver?

The contact number to the driver responsible for delivery will be provided with the tracking.

How can I change the delivery date?

We schedule all the deliveries, however if you have specific requests, call our customer support or email us, and we will make a note for them.

How fast can I get a mobility scooter?

In up to 12 business days but no sooner than 5 business days. To ensure quality, we have to assemble the vehicle and test it first for faults, which takes us some time.

When will I know about the exact delivery time?

The more exact date is scheduled after we have assembled and tested the vehicle, which usually takes up to 5 business days.

Which company makes the delivery?

We make deliveries with our own fleet.

Will someone explain to me how to use the scooter?

Our drivers will explain the usage of the vehicle, however they can do so only in English.

Is the delivery secure?

Yes, we use our own drivers and take full responsibility to deliver the scooter up to your doors in perfect condition.

Do I have to sign anything during the delivery?

Yes, our driver will carry all paperwork. On the delivery, there will be taken photos of the scooter with the customer. Those will not be used for publication, but will strictly serve as the visual proof of the state and condition the scooter was accepted in. As this is a necessary part of future warranty claims, it cannot be skipped.

Can you deliver to my country?

Our fleet can deliver scooters across all of Europe. However, islands or places outside the EU might come with additional transit or customs costs, which will have to be covered by customers. For details, review our shipping policy.

Payments & Promotions

What payment methods can I use?

At this moment, both retail and wholesale shops support bank transfer and card payments via stripe.

Can I pay in instalments?

At this time this option is yet unavailable.

Do the prices include VAT?

All sales are made with 8% VAT

Do you honour VAT relief if I don’t have to pay it or lower VAT?

If you are eligible for lower VAT or full VAT exemption, then you can get a VAT return at your country tax office with the invoice serving as the proof of purchase. 

Are mobility scooter batteries vat exempt?

If a product was purchased with VAT exemption or any lowered VAT, all parts necessary for proper function are also eligible for it. This included mobility scooter batteries. 

What is the delivery / shipping price?

There are no additional delivery / shipping prices for mainland Europe. Refer to our shipping policy for more details.

Do you accept PIP or DLA payments?


Do you do parts exchange?

We deal only with sale of brand-new products and as such, we do not do any parts exchange.

How can I use a promo coupon?

Either us or a member of our Authorized Reseller Network might have provided you with a promo code or a discount code voucher. The promo code can be claimed with the shop that has provided it, usually on the checkout page.  

Service & Warranty

What if my mobility scooter has issues?

Get in contact with us, providing description and photos of the state the scooter is in. The more we know, the best we can help out.

What is the warranty period?

Warranty terms can be found on our One-Year limited warranty page.

If I bought your scooter second hand, how do I get warranty on my name?

No, the warranty is issued by us to our customer. If you have purchased the vehicle second hand, then the only person who can give you any warranty is the one who have sold it to you.

How do I request repairs / maintenance?

Contact us by phone (00 48) 34 350 80 44. You can also write us an email at

How much does repair / maintenance outside warranty cost?

This answer depends on what needs servicing as the price includes: costs of issuing a service van to your location, cost of necessary components and the cost of hourly wage of our engineer. 

Can mobility scooter batteries be repaired?

Depending on the issue, it might be possible to recondition batteries which lost their voltage due to extended inactivity.


Can I return the scooter?

Read our Return Policy for details if you are eligible to return the product.

In what time can I return the scooter?

30 days from the day of purchase.

Do I have to pay for the return?

Similar to any shop, the return of the goods is on the customer’s end, however you can arrange paid collection with us. Benefit of this collection is that once we take the scooter, any damage during transportation is our responsibility. 

Can I return the damaged product?

Depending on the extent of damage, though damaged product will not be eligible for a full refund as the cost of repairs will be deducted from it.

Are there any exceptions to your return policy?

We are humans, and we fully understand difficult life situations. In spirit of good customer-seller relationships we might make exceptions however we reserve the right to decline customer proposed terms.

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