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Since Veleco first started out, our mission has always been very clear. To manufacture environment friendly, luxury electric scooters that we ourselves would enjoy riding. That’s why all of our products are made with love, passion and diligence. Knowing our clientele, we take the greatest of care to design and produce a safe and reliable scooter that any future owner will trust completely. To us, each product is more than just another machine on the manufacturing line. It is a key to someone’s freedom, a road to live independently again. We think this conviction is what makes Veleco truly special and we encourage you to visit our offer.

What’s up at Veleco?


Preparations to Naidex

Our company’s preparations for Naidex 46, which will run between September 15-16 are going smoothly! We have lots done and more to come. The upcoming expo keeps us all busy, because we want to make it the very best we possibly can. We do hope that all who come will visit our stand there, J20, […]


Veleco at Naidex 46 – 15-16 September

It has been a long time coming, but we are finally able to participate in Naidex 46. It is the biggest United Kingdom expositions related to independent living and mobility. Last year participation was postponed unfortunately due to pandemic events, however this time around we are definitely going in! For those curious what about what […]


Veleco SAGITTA – New Electric Moped

With May nearing its end and the hot season starting up, we introduce a new electric moped. Model SAGITTA has been in the works for some time now, under lock and key. We are pleased to finally be able to say that it has passed our quality tests. Within this week, it should hit the […]

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"The partnership with Veleco allowed us to enter a broader European market and we are proud to be able to provide quality Veleco brand products for our customers."
"Very good product from a very reliable electric scooter manufacturer. Reliable business partner providing easy delivery that is always on time."
"We are proud to be a part of the official Veleco Authorized Reseller Network. Our sales grow by at least 25% more with each passing month, and we get to provide British customers with top quality vehicles."