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Since Veleco first started out, our mission has always been very clear. To manufacture environment friendly, luxury electric scooters that we ourselves would enjoy riding. That’s why all of our products are made with love, passion and diligence. Knowing our clientele, we take the greatest of care to design and produce a safe and reliable scooter that any future owner will trust completely. To us, each product is more than just another machine on the manufacturing line. It is a key to someone’s freedom, a road to live independently again. We think this conviction is what makes Veleco truly special and we encourage you to visit our offer.

What’s up at Veleco?

electric-powered wheelachairs

Electric-powered wheelchairs – What are the rules?

Recently, we’ve informed on our blog that Class 2 electric-powered wheelchairs are coming to the Veleco product range. This news was received with great enthusiasm by our distributors, which we are very pleased about. Today we have decided to put together some of the key information related to electric wheelchair regulations as they apply to […]

Veleco power wheelchair

How does power wheelchair work?

New in the product range of Veleco! We know that some of you have been waiting for this day to come. We’ve been doing our best to make sure it has finally arrived. And today we can officially confirm – Veleco power wheelchairs will soon be in the product range of our official distributors! So […]

Jurassic Product of The Year 2022

Jurassic Product of The Year 2022 Statuette for Veleco

Another reason to celebrate We are just after the emotions connected to Quality International Gala, and we have a great reason to celebrate again! Veleco has been nominated for an award in the Jurassic Product of The Year competition in the category Product in the field of ecology, environmental protection, renewable energy sources. On December […]

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"The partnership with Veleco allowed us to enter a broader European market and we are proud to be able to provide quality Veleco brand products for our customers."
"Very good product from a very reliable electric scooter manufacturer. Reliable business partner providing easy delivery that is always on time."
"We are proud to be a part of the official Veleco Authorized Reseller Network. Our sales grow by at least 25% more with each passing month, and we get to provide British customers with top quality vehicles."