Veleco at Naidex 46 – 15-16 September

It has been a long time coming, but we are finally able to participate in Naidex 46. It is the biggest United Kingdom expositions related to independent living and mobility. Last year participation was postponed unfortunately due to pandemic events, however this time around we are definitely going in! For those curious what about what our company will show on during the expo, we will take our mobility scooters. All of our models will be available to view and touch. We will also be answering all questions related to them.

Is Veleco Brand popular in the United Kingdom?

Well, we are popular in all of Europe thanks to our Veleco Authorized Reseller Network, but if you are asking specifically if we are popular in the UK, then yes. Our reseller has put in a lot of effort to promote our brand on the British market, selling hundreds of mobility scooters every year. Of course, the quality of our product was only part of the success, as the company has made lots of effort to offer excellent customer service. As proof, you can check out their very positive Trustpilot score, which is the best confirmation of how well of a job they do. It is thanks to this huge feedback that we have decided to visit Naidex 46.

Can everyone participate in Naidex 46?

Yes, the expo is aimed mostly at people who face difficulties due to their disability. As such, the tickets to participate in it are FREE. This means that if you are interested in independent living, it is for you. Also, if you are looking to test some product from renowned manufacturers, you should definitely come. It’s an occasion like no other to see for yourself all the unique solutions which can improve your quality of life. Click on the banner or the link below and grab a free ticket for yourself. Don’t forget to share with others, as they also might want to take part in it!




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