Quality International 2020 award for model Draco

Today marks a big success for our company as our product has won Quality International 2020 award. This is a grand achievement as claiming such an award is not an easy task. When manufacturing model Draco, we went to great lengths to gather customer feedback. Through extensive testing and numerous trial and error, we have finally achieved the product we wanted. The model Draco is an electric mobility scooter that does not accelerate with a regular motorcycle throttle. Instead, what is required is a simple operation on the button to drive.

Is Quality International 2020 a big achievement?

As only selected few companies manage to claim this award every year through many nations. The medal visible in the image is a trophy we have received along with a certificate, and we proudly display it in our award case. We know that this big success will definitely not be the last one, but it has paved a road for our company. It is our hope that with this, we will achieve even greater heights. Our team is certainly motivated.

What is next for Veleco?

Progress and growth, that’s for sure. Quality International 2020 is a great award, but we don’t plan to stop at it. Even now, our team works meticulously to create more products that we will be able to showcase soon. We hope that with this our Authorized Reseller Network will grow as well.

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