INWI Store: Veleco mobility scooters in Sweden

Veleco, a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly mobility scooters and electric-powered wheelchairs, is excited to announce its partnership with INWI Store, the authorized distributor of Veleco products in Sweden. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Veleco’s mission to enhance society by providing sustainable and high-quality mobility solutions.

Veleco scooters in Sweden. Free and better life at your fingertips.

INWI Store and Veleco share one principle. We envision a world where freedom and a better environment coexist. Therefore, we are committed to offering innovative electric vehicles that promote a higher quality of life and contribute to regaining freedom for the elderly and people with disabilities. Partnering with INWI Store allows us to extend our reach and make our medical devices more accessible to the Swedish market.

Enhance your life – discover Veleco solutions at INWI

INWI Store offer a wide range of Veleco’s award-winning mobility scooters and top-notch electric vehicles to customers in Sweden. With the customer in focus, they are ready to help find the right electric vehicle that gives increased quality of life. Their focus on customer satisfaction, secure payment solutions, and efficient home deliveries perfectly aligns with Veleco’s values and commitment to providing an exceptional user experience.

INWI Store – your Swedish gateway to regained mobility

With INWI Store as our authorized distributor, Swedish customers can now enjoy the benefits of Veleco’s eco-friendly mobility solutions, tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Are you looking for a comfortable and stylish mobility scooter for daily errands? Or are you searching for a powerful electric vehicle for longer journeys? INWI Store offers a diverse range of options to cater to every individual’s requirements.

In addition to its commitment to sustainable mobility, INWI provides a friendly and supportive customer environment. Their knowledgeable team is ready to assist customers. INWI team will find the perfect electric vehicle that will enhance their daily lives and contribute to a greener future.

Premium products and a good partner – that’s what we’re both focused on

Working with premium products and professional partners is the most important thing in all businesses. And INWI Store as well as Veleco is aware of this. That’s why we’re in this together. The growing Swedish mobility scooters and mopeds market makes this happen. By developing our businesses together we may and we will make something big that our customers will benefit from.

Green future for elderly and disabled – Veleco mobility scooters in Sweden

We are thrilled to partner with INWI and bring our vision of sustainable mobility to Sweden. Together, we aim to inspire individuals to embrace electric transportation, reduce their carbon footprint, and experience the freedom and joy we all deserve!

Discover the world of regaining freedom and sustainable mobility with Veleco and INWI Store. Join us on this exciting journey, as we revolutionize transportation in Sweden.

INWI Store, välkommen ombord!

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