Veleco SAGITTA – New Electric Moped

With May nearing its end and the hot season starting up, we introduce a new electric moped. Model SAGITTA has been in the works for some time now, under lock and key. We are pleased to finally be able to say that it has passed our quality tests. Within this week, it should hit the market through our Authorized Reseller Network, so be sure to check with all of our distributors. SAGITTA being brand new electric moped is the first vehicle from our company that comes with dual front wheel technology.

About new electric moped with two wheels

This kind of system is quite new on the market, but quickly trending up. With heightened stability for the rider, it is a unique design. Not popular yet, but it is definitely the future of new electric mopeds, and we look forward to taking part in it. As our company prized itself with reliable and safe environment friendly, we are estimating that this new product will fly out of the shelves as fast as arrows released from a bow.

What are technical details of Veleco SAGITTA?

Glad you have asked, and we will gladly provide a short overview to you. For details though, be sure to visit one of our resellers or our own B2C page!

Max number of riders: 2
Max user weight: 185 kg
Scooter weight: 120 kg
Hill climbing ability: ≈22°
Maximum range on single charge: 60-75 km
Speed of response: High
Maximum speed: 45 km/h
Acceleration system: Right-hand scooter throttle
Seat adjustment: No
Suspension: Full
Compliant with DVLA requirements: Yes
Vehicle autonomy: Level 0
Optimal air humidity for storage and use: 30%
Working temperature of electronic parts: -10°C to +40°C
Turning radius: 264 cm

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