Tricovelo – New member of Authorized Reseller Network from Spain

New reseller Tricovelo has joined Veleco’s family of distributors. We have been long in talks but thankfully, on April 02, 2021, our company has finalized the first order. By doing so, brand new Veleco electric scooters were shipped and delivered to Spain. Located in Barcelona, Tricovelo is a brand-new company that has just started. We wish our Spanish dealer lots of success in the future and hope that they will be a great promoter of Veleco brand.

Who is Tricovelo?

As mentioned before, Tricovelo is a fresh company, but they can already be easily found on Facebook. At the time of writing this post, they are already a great company that handle customers with lots of care. What’s more the company does have its website. We are proud to include Tricovelo in our fold, as they have shown to be trustworthy, responsible and honourable.

How to buy Veleco electric scooter from them?

You can purchase a Veleco scooter from Tricovelo directly from their online shop. If you have any questions and need to contact the shop staff, their team can be reached on (00) 34 937 373 221 or by email at Contacting Tricovelo by email or phone is also the way to buy a scooter. Their meticulous and careful customer service allows them to easily sell scooters as they deal with each customer individually. This company also has a broad reach via Amazon and eBay selling platforms, where it manages auctions with our brand products.

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