Naidex Virtual 18-19 March

On March 18-19 starts Naidex Virtual, the biggest expo from the world of independent living. Many specialists from across the world come together on this very special event. New technologies, upcoming services, webinars from experts and much more in two great days. For our company Naidex Virtual is a great opportunity. There we can showcase our vehicles and connect with their users and companies that might look to sell them to a wider world. We encourage everyone to come and take part, to learn more.

One of the biggest exhibitions

The history of Naidex Virtual reaches far back as this is just one of many editions. Even though a current crisis rages around the world, the event is still going to take place. Participating in it will be hundreds of experts from various fields. The organizer, Roar B2B is a grand visionary of events, aiming to put people at the centre of today’s most interesting topics. They engage various industry sectors to come together on numerous occasions to provide the best content. With their dedication to deliver sustainable sector-leading events, they bring people together to build a grand, customer-centric community and conversation. That has always been Naidex goal, and it will be in the future as well, and we are honoured to participate.

Naidex Virtual – Rare possibility?

Will our exhibition be a success? We believe it will be, because while many users of our products are seniors, they still could find us or our resellers easily in the web. We hope for participation and to promote awareness, we have decided to make many films featuring our vehicles. Those videos will serve as a countdown on all of our social media profiles, so if you haven’t yet a possibility to see our product, this will be a perfect opportunity for you. Ending this post, we hope to see you there, on Naidex Virtual when it starts. Come and see our virtual booth,  have a chat with us, and we will happily communicate!

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