Naidex 2021 is over

With Naidex 2021 over, we can finally catch our breath. This was definitely a very amazing event, which left us out of breath. Numerous visitors to our booth had us at constant alert. Thankfully, we were highly pleased that we had opportunity to chat with them. It is great to know that even during the world crisis, Naidex Virtual was a definite success. This opportunity allowed us to showcase our products in a way that we have never before, and we are open to participate in next exhibitions of this kind in the future.

What was bad about the virtul exhibition?

As much as we loved Naidex 2021, it was a very first-time experience with many unknowns. You could say that for Veleco, it was a jump over a high bar, without us knowing what to expect. Of course, it was a risk totally worth it! What we missed out though was an opportunity to be there physically with our vehicles and allow everyone to ride around. With electric mobility scooters that we manufacture, this would have been the fireworks of this expo for us. Hopefully, Naidex 2022 will happen differently as we would love to have people physically try out our vehicles, see them ride around with smiles on their faces and feel the freedom.

What we loved?

The whole even was organized with great care and no loose ends were left. The panel to make the virtual booth as well as the connection through which we could communicate was perfect. We loved especially that walking through virtual booths was easy to manage. Accessibility is one of the most important aspects of such events, and it was performed very well. Other thing we liked was that we had the opportunity to listen to many experts, take notes and set an even higher bar for ourselves as an automotive manufacturing company.

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