How does power wheelchair work?

New in the product range of Veleco!

We know that some of you have been waiting for this day to come. We’ve been doing our best to make sure it has finally arrived. And today we can officially confirm – Veleco power wheelchairs will soon be in the product range of our official distributors! So let’s take a closer look at these products. Check out what you need to know about motorized wheelchair!

Power wheelchair – characteristics

Motorized wheelchairs are vehicles designed for the elderly or people with disabilities. Power wheelchairs are powered by an electric motor. What are the differences between power wheelchairs and electric mobility scooters? Primarily its construction. Electric wheelchairs resemble classic wheelchairs. They have a comfortable seat and backrest, foot rest, armrests and four wheels in two sizes. Power wheelchairs feature a system and maneuverable joystick that makes moving around possible – accelerates, stops and turns in any direction. Veleco wheelchairs are also equipped with a capacious and long-lasting battery that can easily be charged at home.

Power wheelchair – features

  • maneuverable joystick
  • back rest
  • armrest
  • powerful motor
  • battery
  • seat cushion
  • seat belts
  • rear tires
  • front tires
  • foot rest

Powers wheelchair – main advantages for users

Electric wheelchair requires less effort and movement to get around

Thanks to its powerful motor and maneuverable joystick, power wheelchair is a medical vehicle which may be used by people with advanced degree of physical disability. You do not need to push it or spin the wheels to move in any direction.

Power wheelchairs are easy to operate

It is quite simple to use power wheelchairs. All you need to do is learn how to gently use the joystick. No training is necessary. Power wheelchair’s joystick is described so as soon as you sit in the power wheelchair, you will exactly know what to do.

Motorized wheelchair can be used for both – indoor and outdoor mobility

There is no need to replace the wheelchair to mobility scooter to go outside. And on the other hand – you do not need to leave your power wheelchair outside, while entering the supermarket or hospital.

Power wheelchair user can be self-sufficient

Power wheelchairs users do not need other’s help for example to climb a small hill or to move generally. All they need to go forward (or backward, of course 😉) is their power wheelchair and minimal wrist movements.

Who can use an electric wheelchair?

Power wheelchairs are designed for people with mobility issues. They can be used by older people and those with mobility disabilities. An electric wheelchair is best suited to people with advanced disability issues. Steering power wheelchair without much effort and its powerful system have for years helped such people to move around freely without the need of third-party assistance, which is often necessary when using classic wheelchairs.

Where to buy an electric wheelchair?

Electric wheelchairs will soon appear in the offer of the Veleco and our official distributors ranges. Veleco power wheelchairs will be available for purchase online in the same way as all Veleco mobility scooters and electric mopeds. Follow our News and social media. Our warehouses will be stocked with off-the-shelf power wheelchairs soon, so make sure you stay up to date.

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