Extended 3-Year Warranty #infographic

What is the difference between an Extended 3-Year Warranty and a one-year warranty? This is the question we hear most often from our customers who are thinking about getting an extended warranty on their scooter, or are simply hearing about this option for the first time. What will I gain with the Extended 3-Year Warranty? And how do I even get one?

This infographic will help you easily compare the warranties that your Veleco mobility scooter may be covered by. See why you should choose the extended version of your mobility scooter protection. We lay our cards on the table!

What does the Extended 3-Year Warranty infographic include?

The Extended 3-Year Warranty infographic contains the basic information our customers ask for most often. Here you will find everything you need to know about the extended warranty in the most accessible way. What exactly does the infographic contains?

  • A simple comparison of Veleco’s warranty options.
  • The benefits of choosing Extended 3-Year Warranty.
  • Ways how to purchase it.
  • The costs and savings from purchasing an extended warranty.


Extended 3-Year Warranty infographic


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