Electric-powered wheelchairs – What are the rules?

Recently, we’ve informed on our blog that Class 2 electric-powered wheelchairs are coming to the Veleco product range. This news was received with great enthusiasm by our distributors, which we are very pleased about. Today we have decided to put together some of the key information related to electric wheelchair regulations as they apply to the Great Britain, German and Spanish market.

Driving licence, insurance and registration – do you need it while using power wheelchair?

Electric-powered wheelchairs – rules at Great Britain

You do not need a driving licence to legally ride an electric-powered wheelchair on pavements or roads. You do not need your vehicle insurance either, but we do recommend insurance of your medical vehicle. Why? You won’t incur additional costs in case of any unforeseen road incident with your participation. What’s more, it is your duty – as a user of a mobility scooter – to register such a medical vehicle.

Power wheelchairs – German and Spanish law

A driving licence while driving an electric-powered wheelchair on pavements in Spain and Germany isn’t obligatory. Just like an insurance for such a vehicle, although it is recommended. In Spain, drivers of electric wheelchairs are treated as pedestrians and are only required to drive on pavements and pedestrian zones, likewise in Germany. That is why registration of electric-powered wheelchairs is not obligatory in both countries.

Are electric-powered wheelchairs allowed on roads?

The electric wheelchairs which will soon be on offer at Veleco and our official distributors cannot be used on roads, but only on pavements and pedestrian areas. This rule applies in all countries mentioned in this article – Germany, the UK and Spain. You may enter the road with an electric-powered wheelchair, but only if it is not possible to continue to ride it on pavement because it is unpassable or if it is not there at all. In this case, you may ride on the side of the road with extreme caution and return to the pavement as soon as possible.

How fast can you ride an electric-powered wheelchair?

– According to the UK law, you can’t drive electric-powered wheelchairs on pavements faster than 4mph. Only Class 3 electric wheelchairs are allowed to ride on roads and their maximum speed on streets is 8mph.

– There is no one-size-fits-all standard regulations of the law in Spain related to electric-powered wheelchairs. Therefore, each user of such medical vehicle should familiarize themselves with the local law. Nevertheless, one thing remains constant on all Spanish roads. A person riding an electric-powered wheelchair is treated as a pedestrian. Consequently, their speed on pavements should not exceed the speed of a walking man. This is most often around 6 km/h. Users of electric wheelchairs in Germany are obliged to observe the same speed.

Power wheelchairs available at Veleco

In our online shop you will find Class 2 and Class 3 Veleco mobility scooters. What’s more, soon Class 2 electric-powered wheelchairs will be on offer. Visit veleco.eu or one of our official distributor’s shop and check medical vehicles we’ve got for you. We are convinced that among them, you will find mobility scooter, moped or electric-powered wheelchair suited to your needs.





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