ADVENA – New fully enclosed electric moped by Veleco

This December Veleco came up with something incredibly attractive. We have designed ADVENA – fully enclosed electric moped which has a lot of modern gadgets and can carry up to three people. These solutions seemed so unique and practical that all Veleco’s distributors wanted to be the first to have a pleasure of having the ADVENA in their stocks.

A bit about appearance and comfort of use ADVENA.

This electric moped has quite a remarkable intriguing. Even our employees have decided to buy one for everyday use. Inside, ADVENA has classic and simple finishes that camouflage modern equipment such as a reversing camera and proximity sensors. The rear bench seat is large enough to comfortably accommodate two people. Thanks to this scooter, up to three passengers with a total weight of 500 kg can be taken! The driver’s seat is customized, just like in cars. Front panel with LCD display for easy guidance and use of the moped.

Pay attention to improvements and modern equipment

ADVENA is no ordinary electric moped. It is a unit that is equipped with a lot modern gadgets. As we mentioned earlier, the vehicle is equipped with a reversing camera and parking sensors, but that’s not all. On board this beautiful moped you will find, among other things, a radio, a mp3 player and a mp4 player. The doors are also equipped with central locking controlled by remote control, and the whole is secured by an alarm.

Technical specifications of ADVENA

At this point we should start with the engine, that has as much as 1500W, allowing us to move efficiently on the road and go up hills of up to 15°. Another advantage is the lead-acid battery, which allows up to 37 to 49 mi, depending on the load. Hydraulic disc brake at the front and drum brake /s at the rear ensure? A really safe ride and ensure that you always stop where you want to. ADVENA’s exceptionally high speed capabilities are also worth noting?  It travels at 27 mph.


The first and foremost? Advantage is the fact that the moped is an electric vehicle, which significantly reduces maintenance costs and, in addition, is environmentally friendly, which is very important nowadays. To avoid energy consumption, ADVENA had energy-saving LED lights.

Why you should buy ADVENA – fully enclosed electric moped?

All of the above should encourage people to stop using traditional cars, which are very expensive to run. The uniqueness of ADVENA is that it is not inferior to traditional vehicles and has many advantages. This is a unique product for you and your immediate family. It will allow you to travel economically during your free time, as well as make your daily chores easier and its size will allow you to park literally anywhere.

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