Inspections of mobility scooter – what’s worth knowing?

Are you one of those who really want to have everything under control? If so, you probably always remember about the regular inspections of your mobility scooter. And now we can almost see your big eyes. Yes – regular inspections of your mobility scooter should be done every three months. Why is that? How to order the inspection? Here you will find all you should know about it!

Why the regular inspections of your mobility scooter are so important?

Imagine that you haven’t checked your car for a long time in terms of safety and ability to drive. You don’t know how much of the brake fluid it has left, or even how much air is in the tyres. It is hard to imagine, right? It is clear to see that without checking it, you would not be able to drive. That is why it is crucial not to forget about inspections of your mobility scooter. It has to be safe for you and the others on the road. And even though Veleco uses the highest quality components, regular maintenance of the vehicle is extremely important.

How to report the request for the inspection?

You can order the inspection of your mobility scooter in two ways. Firstly, you can call our helpline (+48 34 350 80 44) and choose the appropriate extension number, which will connect you with our Service Department. Or you can use the second way. If you want to order an inspection in easy way, you can send us an email. Remember to include in your message all the important things, such as:

  • contact details,
  • order number,
  • description of the problem.

How the Veleco’s inspections are held?

As we have mentioned, the inspections of your mobility scooter should be carried out every three months. All you have to do is to order the inspection (in one of the two ways that we have explained above) and… to wait for our service engineer. He will come to the address indicated by you on the agreed date and at a specific time. The Veleco inspections take place at the customer’s house. You don’t have to take your mobility scooter to the Veleco’s headquarters or one of our distributors.

What is the inspection?

This is nothing more than an inspection that your car is regularly subjected to. Our specialist carries out the most important steps to make sure your scooter runs safely. This includes:

  • checking the brake pads,
  • wiring check,
  • checking the tyres (inflating and adjusting the pressure),
  • battery life control,
  • differential oil refilling.

Is it possible to replace some parts on the scooter by myself?

Of course, replacing some parts on your mobility scooter doesn’t necessarily require a mechanic assistance. While it is recommended to have your scooter inspected every three months, you can also replace some consumable parts yourself. We mean, for instance, a light bulb, the replacement of which takes just few steps. It’s important to know that the warranty is one year excluding consumable parts (brake pads, batteries, tyres and things like that). If any of them are worn out, you need to cover  the cost of buying new ones. Here you can find the full warranty terms and conditions and things that Veleco’s one-year warranty does and doesn’t cover.

What to do if something breaks down?

We are here to help you! Our specialists resolve any problem that may occur when using the scooter. It turns out that most of the problems can be solved over the phone. If not, a service will be necessary. Want to arrange a service? Don’t know how to replace a light bulb? Contact us!

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