Happy Easter 2021 for all electric scooter users!

We hope that all users of our electric mobility scooters as well as dealers of our products have a great Easter 2021. It is always on holidays like this, that we imagine all those electric scooter users that thanks to our products will be able to freely travel. The image of people with their Easter baskets, driving to churches or to their families always fills us with warmth and makes us content.

Are you more free thanks to Veleco?

We definitely hope so, as Easter is one of our most favourite holidays. It is an opportunity to rest and then come back to work with a batch of fresh ideas that will make our company even better. We just hope that you weren’t pranking people too much on April 1’st with our mobility scooters, though we know there are great jokes to pull with such vehicle.

Do you know we sometimes go crazy?

At Veleco, we are always in good mood, and you just wouldn’t believe, how many ideas run through our heads. One of such idea was to manufacture a vehicle stylized as an Easter bunny or painted in colourful eggs. Maybe we should do so next year as a promotion? Maybe we will, so far we are enjoying our holidays in peace and hope you do so as well!